Leominster Town Football Club

Love Your Football? Come and join us!

We are a friendly Club with a passion for providing football opportunities for all. Our vision is to nurture your own passion from an early age and provide training and competitive football through to your adult years. We are a Club for everyone and all our welcome. If you aren’t playing please come along to support your team. And if you would like to help coach players we would love to hear from you. Behind the scenes we rely on the hard work of many people, including team managers and helpers, committee members and generous volunteers who are helping us to move the Club forward. Last, but definitely not least, we thank all our sponsors for their invaluable support.

We’ve Got Plans!

How can we improve our Club? In lots of ways! Back in June 2014 the Junior and Senior Clubs, previously run independently, came together to form a single, unified Club – Leominster Town FC. This merger has provided us with the platform to make great improvements to football in our community. We can now progress towards Community Standard status which will demonstrate our sound management (and open doors to external funding). We are exploring options to build a new club house, something other clubs make great use of as a community resource. And we will aim to improve the level of coaching available to all players. We’ll keep you posted here and if you think you can contribute to making our plans happen – get in touch!

Friendships & Memories!

We’re building a gallery of pictures and memories of football in the town over the years. So many past players look back fondly on their time with junior teams all the way through to playing for Town. We’d love to see your pictures from yesteryear – click here to email them to us.

Contact List


Andrew Barrington – Chairman
andy@barringtonprint.com – 07894 497660

Clare Bray – Club Secretary
clare.bray2019@outlook.com – 07855 333812

Melanie Bird – Treasurer
melaniebird@sky.com – 07802 376624

Mel Bird – Welfare Officer
melaniebird@sky.com – 07802 376624

Karra Harris – Fundraising Officer

Senior Managers

Men’s First Team – Herefordshire Division One Neil Stokes
King_Neil@live.co.uk – 07739 368698

Men’s Colts – Herefordshire Division Two
Jason Gillum & Vicky Gillum

vlstevens195@hotmail.com – 07748 646033


Junior Managers

U5/U6 Training only – Mark Rusling

U7 – Luke Savage
lukesavage@sky.com 07368 832185

U7 Colts – Simon Parrett
simonparrett@hotmail.co.uk 07496 960708

U8 – Jake Bowen & John Acaster
j.bowen22@outlook.com 07582 126361 & 07704 488229

U8 Colts – Elliot Summers
Normski3859@hotmail.com 07756 289920

U9 – Craig Hill
c.hill@bauder.co.uk 07713 344091


U10 Colts – Scott Tromans
– 07713 048 097

U11 – James Lines
james1986@lines@gmail.com – 07368 253630

U12 – Marta Moore
martamoore@mail.com – 07895 093327

U13 – Scott Newman
spnewman1983@gmail.com – 07988 767949

U13 Girls – Andy Barrington
andy_baz@yahoo.co.uk – 07894 497660

U14 Girls Lionesses – Simon Crowther

U14 – TBC

U15 – Simon Bray
sbray107@hotmail.com – 07432 698613

U16 Girls – David Davies
– 07476 647054